Suless Tanning

Try the latest generation in

Sunless Tanning,

VersaSpa PRO and Norvell Auto revolution are

now in Bryan-College Station!

Try the NEW VersaPro or the Norvell Auto Revolution, for $25.00 your 1st time! (includes full multi-Session)

The VersaPro Sunless Tanning System is airbrush tanning results from a booth without having to make an appointment or get undressed. If you like airbrushing, you will love VersaSpa!
VersaPro has three skin care options that may be used individually or combined. For best results, we recommend using all three in a VersaPro Multi-Session which will include:
1. Primer Prep Spray that balances your pH level and prpares your skin to receive the DHA treatment
2. Color Choice Spray-Light, Medium, or Dark and now Extra Dark!(VersaPro)
3. Anti-Aging Moisturizer Spray that is a skin firming and moisturizing treatment that also extends your tanning results
VersaPro now offers Legs Color Boost! a full body spray PLUS an extra spray on your legs for the best you can look! VersaPro offers Double Dark! two sessions in one! Warning! It's SUPER dark!
Watch the VersaPro Video!

Which booth? VersaPro or Auto revolution? What's the difference?

VersaPro offers
a Fully Heated experience, is's not cold!
Light, medium, dark, and now Extra Dark!
Legs color Boost! get more color on your legs! (because you shave)
Double Dark! It's two sessions in one for the ultimate darkness!

Norvell Auto Revolution offers:
Speed! It's faster!
Bronze or Clear Solution
VENITIAN! a completely different solution, Purple hue with just off the beach color!

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