At TIKI TAN, our goal is to ensure that you achieve the best tan that you can, so you look great whether it is for a wedding, vacation or �just because�. We do this by featuring the latest Tan America equipment which is the highest quality, best performing tanning equipment on the market today.

New! Now Featuring The NEW VersSpa Skin care system!
The next generation of sunless tanning is here!

Leg Tanner

Our coolest tanning unit! Shaving exfoliates your legs which takes away your tan. Replace your tan in 10 minutes with our Leg Tanner. Also, use our leg tanning lotion that contains a special bronzer as well as a hair growth inhibitor while aiding in tanning your legs!

Hydration Station!

A Steam bath with Dry Heat, Massage and Aroma Therapy! it will give you 30% better Sunless Tanning results!


Level 1

VIP Entry level tanning unit that produces unparalleled tanning results while offering relaxation and comfort. maximum 20 minute tan time

Level 2

Super Bed Extreme tanning at its finest and twice the size of the VIP unit. A very high output system that delivers amazing results. Powerful 42 lamp, 3 facial system with a maximum 12 minute tan time. Sun Up, The newest stand up tanning bed available with twice the power and half the tan time of any other unit. This is the only stand up unit available with an adjustable Facial which is great for tanning your face and shoulders to prepare for wearing any strapless dresses! Very powerful 48 lamp, 2 facial system with a maximum 10 minute tan time. We recommend that you use one of the Level 2 equipment every 3rd to 4th tanning session. This is to even out skin tones. Both Level 2 units will deliver a deeper, darker tan with the added advantage of facial units.

12 minute tan time!
10 minute tan time!        

Level 3

High Pressure Tanning is a completly different way of tanning! Tan only 3 times a month! How does it work? Normally the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days, but when exposed to high concentrations of UVB rays; the body is forced to exfoliate prematurely every 5-10 days. High Pressure Tanning has less UVB rays than normal tanning beds allowing a normal 28 day exfoliation cycle. this allows you to keep your tan longer! the manufacturer recomends tanning every 7-10 days! Ask us about our introductory offer!


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