Why Tan Indoors?


Have you ever gone to the beach on a cloudy day, and come home sunburned?

Outdoor tanning has variables that change day to day! Indoor tanning allows you to control exactly what kind and how much ultraviolet light your skin receives every time you tan. This reduces your risk of ever contracting a sunburn. Indoor tanning allows you to eliminate all of the variables associated with outdoor tanning, such as ozone, cloudiness, altitude, geography,and seasonality.

When tanning indoors, a tanner enjoys:

You always know exactly what kind of ultraviolet light you are getting and exactly how long you will be getting it.

You never have to worry about incliment weather. It's always sunny with air-conditioning at TIKI TAN!

It doesnt take all day at the beach to get an indoor tan. Depending on your skin type, a few quick sessions a week is all it takes to obtain a golden brown tan

Professional indoor tanning facilities monitor your progress and advise you on how to properly maintain your tan.

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